Report To Us

The following broad procedure, which may be amended from time to time, will be followed:

i.      Whistleblowers can send their complaints, in writing, to the Forum, either personally or by post/ e-mail, to any member of the Forum directly or send the same at the designated office of the Forum.

ii.      All complaints should:

a.       be accompanied with a brief synopsis highlighting the issues such as cases of corruption, commission of any criminal offence or wilful misuse of powers by any person/entity including but not limited to any public, private, political, judicial or constitutional entity which, prima-facie, causes loss to the public exchequer, results in human rights violations, endangers national security and/or sovereignty or is against the larger public interest.

b.       Specific violations of the law with reference to the applicable laws & regulations must be highlighted.

c.       Documentary evidence must be attached.

iii.      All complaints will be received in strict confidence and the identity of the Whistleblower will not be revealed without their prior approval.

iv.      Complaints received will be scrutinised by the Forum’s staff to, prima-facie, evaluate their veracity, merits, authenticity of evidence submitted etc.

v.      Additional information may be sought from the Whistleblowers on case to case basis. They may also be invited for personal discussions.

vi.      Subsequently, the Forum will decide on the future course of action to be taken on the complaint which may vary on case to case basis.

vii.      The decision of the Forum will not be questioned by the Whistleblowers under any circumstances whatsoever.